Alberta's Climate Corps

Meet the Challenges of the Moment

Alberta's Climate Corps would guarantee good, green jobs in conservation, energy, retrofitting, education, and healthcare for anyone who wants one.

Join workers and young people in Alberta organising to win a Green Jobs Guarantee for Albertans.

Workers and young people are increasingly disaffected, and pessimistic about the future. Right wing demagogues like Danielle Smith hawk snake oil instead of vaccines and public healthcare; tax cuts in lieu of environmental regulation and royalties; and police funding rather than investments in public housing and harm reduction.

The Alberta NDP has an opportunity to inspire Albertans by building a livable, equitable future - one where we build the infrastructure that we need for the future, while reinforcing the supports that have been left behind by 40 years of conservative government.

Instead of promises to be better than the UCP, we need a bold commitment to meet the challenges of the moment.

South of the border, Joe Biden announced his 2.3 billion USD Climate Plan that will expand flood control, shore up utilities, retrofit buildings, and help families pay for lifesaving heating and cooling. If Alberta doesn’t hurry up and act, Albertans will be left behind in the inevitable overlapping climate emergency and renewables transition.

An Alberta Climate Corps is a solution to today’s reality, creating good, green jobs for anyone who wants one.