Demand a Just Transition!

By Pivoting on Support for Just Transition Legislation, Alberta’s NDP Turns its Back on Workers and Climate

– Edmonton

January 19, 2023

Amiskwaciwâskahikan (Edmonton, AB) – Climate activists are outraged at the pivot by opposition leader Rachel Notley on forthcoming Just Transition legislation.

Hannah Gelderman, organizer with Climate Justice Edmonton, commented: “Notley led a provincial government that was elected on economic diversification, climate action, and leading a transition for coal workers. Now her demands to pause legislation that guarantees sustainable work is an affront to workers already facing layoffs and inflation.

The logical response to this moment is something most Albertans have already accepted: that a transition is coming whether we like it or not. It can either be chaotic and disruptive, or it can be deliberately steered towards the interests of working people by offering good, green, union jobs in emerging sectors and fixing our crumbling social sectors. Why is the Alberta NDP pushing back on this legislation instead of providing a credible plan for Alberta workers?

Alberta should be leveraging its position as a fossil fuel dependent-region to demand greater support from the federal government that could create millions of good jobs in the province.

Instead of propping up a sunsetting industry, we need our leadership to act now and protect workers before it’s too late."

Climate Justice Edmonton is currently campaigning for a public sector green jobs program: a Climate Corps. The Climate Corps would spur a just transition and economic benefits through creating jobs in green energy, conservation, ecological restoration, and care work.

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